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Here at Bark Avenue, our main goal is to make your pets happy and comfortable whether they participate in daycare activities or while boarding.  Our staff is not only trained in pet behavior, but are true pet lovers. We will ensure your pet receives the love and attention they deserve! We do not believe in charging extra for playtime, potty time & tlc.  We feel every dog deserves that while under our care.  We are family owned and it shows!


No more lonely days at home while you are at work!  Bring your dogs in for a day of play.


All of our play areas include water for hydration all day long, play structures, climbing structures and splash pools when weather permits.  We have a superior staff-to-dog ratio, to ensure safe play at all times.

To ensure the safety of our small dogs,  we offer separate indoor and outdoor play areas for our little tikes.

All of our cleaning products in the dog playrooms are pet friendly and environmentally green to ensure the best care and safety of our guests who may have allergies, or who are just concerned about the environment.

Your pets are free to enjoy more than 9000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas.  We even have space for the much needed naptime.

Note:  At Bark Avenue, all dogs are assessed to make sure they are friendly and will work well in the social environment.

Note:  Male dogs 9 months old must be neutered to participate in daycare group activities.  Unspayed females will NOT be allowed at the facility 6mos or older due to them potentially able to go into heat. . 

*Puppies allowed: must be 12 weeks or older(see below for vaccination request)

Daycare Rates

$35/full day
$25/half day (5hrs or less)
Additional dog $5 off

5 day pack deal:  $165
10 day pack deal:  $320
20 day pack deal:  $620

Bring dogs in on a quick release flat collar, no chokers or pinch collars.​  Id tag required.

Dog Vaccinations

​DHLPP - (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus) - Must be current with proof from vet.

​Rabies - Must be current with proof from vet.

Fecal O&P+Giardia snap or antigen test - Current and free of parasites within 1 year.​

Bordetella-current within one year 
It is important that your dog receive his Canine Cough/Bordetella vaccination at least 5-7 days prior to their stay or more. A Canine Cough vaccination is much like the flu shot for a human in that, after vaccination, there is the possibility that the dog will contract a mild form of the strain. As a result, your dog may be contagious after the vaccination.​  Therefore, we will NOT allow a doggy to come to our facility within 5 days of getting the bordetella vaccine.  

Influenza Vaccine is NOT required.  If you do get this, you must wait at least 5 days before coming to the facility.  

Dogs must be free of fleas and ticks and will be checked.  If found, they must be picked up immediately.  

*Puppies allowed 12 weeks or older- must have first two sets of shots and their bordetella vaccination and a negative fecal+giardia current within one year. 


Unspayed females will NOT be allowed past 6 mos of age.   

If a female doggy goes into heat while in our care, you must have an emergency contact or yourself to be able to pick the doggy up within an hour.  

Professional, loving care givers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!


Your dog will have sweet dreams in our climate controlled, comfortable sleeping areas with soft, clean bedding in large spacious kennels. Our staff is onsite with the pets until 10pm and return at 6:00am.  The facility is monitored by our staff 24 hours via surveillance cameras. 

All pets are V.I.P. at Bark Avenue and stay in our spacious kennels (not crates) with soft fleece bedding and views of our flat screen tvs.

You may bring your dogs favorite toys, etc to cuddle with at night. 

To make sure your dog fits in well and is comfortable here, we require all first-time boarders to have one day of daycare prior to boarding.

​Standard Rates:

Overnight- $50    (includes day of play in daycare)

2 dogs - $90       (includes day of play in daycare)

3 dogs - $126       (includes day of play in daycare)

                   (Call for more package pricing)

Drop off/Pick up times: (boarding only)

M-F  7am-6pm

Sat  9am-4pm

Sun  Pick ups only and By Appointment Only

       Sun PM Pick Ups: 5 or 7pm Addtl $15


​To avoid any stomach upsets, we suggest you to bring your doggies own food while boarding with us.  Food must be in individual bags labeled. 

​Kong filled treats $3



Stay seven nights or more and receive a free exit bath! 

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